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Delete Stuck Trash on your Mac

Have a Mac file or folder that won’t delete? Trash It is the answer. Thank you for visiting NoName Scriptware, home of the highly rated, Apple-recommended* Trash It, an app to delete stuck trash on your Mac. Use it for files/folders stuck on your computer or to force empty your trash can.

Trash It! 6.0.1 now available on our downloads page! Check out this page for more information.

What is Trash It?
This little Applescript-based App force-empties your Apple trash can, ridding it of files and folders that refuse to be deleted. It also supports Drag and Drop. If you have stuck files or folders in the Trash with permissions set incorrectly, locked items, want to delete stubborn file(s) or folder(s) on your desktop or elsewhere, or delete items from other partitions, give Trash It a try.

Drag ‘n’ Drop Support: If you drop files or folders onto the Trash It! icon, it will delete them immediately (after you enter your admin password). If you double-click on Trash It!, it will force empty your trash can (after you enter your admin password). This is the software Apple Tech recommends when all else fails (according to users)*!

Trash It! should be used when:
1. You can’t empty your trash.
2. You can’t move files or folders to the trash (supports drag and drop).
3. You have a large number of items to delete (i.e., previous system folders).
4. You’re ready to pull your hair out because nothing seems to be working!

This is not a Finder trash can replacement! It should be used as a last resort!

If you have a lot of files, it may take a while. When Trash It! is finished, you’ll be shown a message saying it’s completed. There used to be a progress bar but no one liked it so it’s kaput. Always try the Fast option first before utilizing the Really Stuck option when you run Trash It.

Dialog Box

See our How To page on installing and using Trash It! or read the readme file enclosed in the downloadable Trash It! archive.

Time Machine files getting you down? Don’t worry, Trash It! will delete Time Machine files for you. Please note: With the introduction of Mavericks, Apple has made it virtually impossible for ANY application to delete Time Machine files. Trash It! hopes to rectify that problem.

In a perfect world, you should do it manually from within Time Machine (Enter Time Machine) or to reformat/erase the partition they reside on. See the enclosed readme file for more information. New code has been added to Trash It to try and get rid of those stuck / stubborn Time Machine files.

Please see our homepage about releases and other information.

*Numerous users have reported that Apple tech support (phone or Genius bar) has told them to download Trash It! when they are unable to resolve the problem of stuck files and folders that refuse to be deleted.

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